David Knight

Here's a recent shoot I did with David Knight, a local acoustic musician. He was looking for some simple and clean shots to use for a run of posters and press photos for his upcoming tour. I had a few locations in mind, but had one in particular I'd been wanting to utilize for a long while.

Copyright Robert Geary

While the sun was still visible over the buildings; we headed to South Melbourne to Ron Robertson-Swann's 'Vault'. An abstract piece of public art, it's a hulking tangle of yellow steel that would be perfect for a back drop provided we had the right light.

We started while the light was behind a patch of clouds and with the softer light worked on some cleaner backgrounds with little variation in exposure. When the sun came out and gave off some harder light, I stepped back and used the varying angles and surfaces of the sculpture to give a more abstract and eclectic image. 

David was really keen to experiment so we played around and got a nice set of images that he could use. Rather than going for something a little more cliche, we walked away with a unique look and series that we're both really happy with.