Exploring Melbourne

Continuously exploring Melbourne's streets, I often find myself stumbling across certain compositions. Plays of light and shape, movements of people within their environments.

Fuji X100  / / VSCO Polaroid 690--

Fuji X100 // VSCO Polaroid 690--

I've been experimenting a lot with VSCO presets of late. I find they are critical in speeding up my workflow as they give me an ultimate starting point in the direction I want to take my images. While some condemn the use of actions and presets in post production, the ability to immediate move between moods and styles from which to further edit and manipulate increases productivity ten-fold.

A shout-out has to go to Morgan Roberts, who besides being a stand-up guy, knows a thing or two about editing and put me onto VSCO, a decision I have absolutely no regret for.