So this is a fun little shoot I did with Daniel Wenn from 90 Degrees about a week ago. Daniel's company 90 Degrees, specialises in commissioned graffiti pieces across a variety of mediums for both public and private spaces. I was put in touch with Dan and his company through Peter Rowland and Platform Eight with the aim of producing a timelapse of his work to be displayed as part of an exhibition and display at a private event at ACMI in Federation Square. 

Daniel and 90 Degrees were commissioned to create a piece inspired by Japanese underground culture and themes, Working with geisha and geiko imagery, his piece would be shown alongside photos and displays of Harajuku fashion, anime and urbanisation within Japan.

Below is a short little photo story I did while creating the timelapse. It was incredible to watch Daniel work. His control of aerosol paint was mind-blowing. It's easy to discount spray painting as an artistic technique without experiencing first hand the level of skill it takes to produce a piece of work such as this. 

If you want to check out more of Daniel's work, head to his website at 90degrees.graffitiartistsforhire.com.au.